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Fort Worth Hair Removal clientYou don’t need a facelift to remove deep wrinkles, but you’ve become self-conscious about brown sun blotches, minor scars, fine lines and other signs of sun damage or aging.

Maybe you suffer from Rosacea, an embarrassing condition that includes facial redness, broken capillaries and acne-like outbreaks. Or has acne itself and its left-over scars diminished your self-confidence? Do the freckles you once thought were so cute as a youth now drive you to cover them up with makeup day after day after day? Are there subtle sags or tiny wrinkles in the jaws or décolleté? What about those unsightly stretch marks from your pregnancy or other unfortunate weight gain?


Seth Yellin, M.D., Assistant Professor of Facial Plastic Surgery at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, says of pulsed light therapy, “While it sounds like a laser treatment, it’s not a laser. We can select from multiple wavelengths of light and enter into the computer the skin color, body area and skin type to generate specific settings. This allows us to treat many, many different problems. It’s not a panacea for everything (especially deep wrinkles), but we’ve replaced almost ALL other laser treatments with this technology.”

DFW MedLaser’s McCue Ultra VPL is the most advanced skin treatment unit available. The software delivers a sequence of very rapid short pulses of light that energizes your skin into a healing mode. Circulation is increased and collagen production escalates dramatically, filling in fine wrinkles and washing out redness or brown blotches.

Because it plumps the skin, it’s like giving yourself a collagen injection but using your own collagen! Unlike laser therapy, it attacks the problem from the inside. It leaves the outer skin completely intact, so there is no downtime. With laser, you might be red for six weeks to six months. With variable pulsed light, there is just a flush and you can apply makeup immediately after (if we treat your face). It’s truly a lunch-time treatment!


Acne and acne scars have long been the enemy of self confidence. This condition usually has superb results with our VPL treatment! We will analyze your skin type, hair type, acne condition and scar condition in association with your unique medical history and offer a treatment plan. Call today for a no-cost consultation.


With lasers, fillers and cosmeceuticals, women can take years off their faces. But unfortunately their hands often tell the truth about their real age. Decades of sun damage, combined with exposure to the elements and lack of regular moisturizing, can make the hands look old, skeletal and wrinkled.
But HAND REJUVENATION can change that. Our unique Ultra VPL can offer yet another way to meet this need of aging baby boomers. Age spots or sun spots (some called them “liver spots” in the old days, even though the liver has nothing to do with them) are simply collections of melanin, or pigment, your skin has placed in patches in response to sun damage.

The beneficial effect of our Ultra VPL isn’t limited to just treating the age spots in your hands. The deeper penetrating wavelengths can heat the skin in your hands thus stimulating it to produce more collagen, thus looking younger and more vibrant.
Our VPL unit can make rapid and long lasting changes to all the signs of aging in your hands. These treatments are quick and aren’t considered painful. Two to four treatments spaced three to four weeks apart will give you back the confidence you deserve when it comes to the appearance of your hands!


“I was embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of my husband,” recently exclaimed one of our favorite patients “Not because I was embarrassed about being naked, but because I didn’t want him to see my spider veins. You have changed my life!”

Spider veins are an eyesore for everyone. Whether they are on the face or body, they are endowed with the ability to become the enemy of self confidence and beauty. The micropulses of our Ultra unit heat the blood in microseconds to force the blood cells to clot. Once the clot inside the tiny vein is formed, the vessel walls collapse and the body slowly dissolves it over a few weeks time. It normally takes a few treatments for lasting results.

Our expert staff will give you specific pre and post treatment instructions, and there is more detail available in the FAQ section of our website.


If you or someone you love has this most distressing disorder, you already know it is one of the most difficult to treat maladies in modern medicine. Fortunately, recent studies showing the effectiveness of intense pulsed light therapy have confirmed what our patients have already been saying!
“The redness and flushing across the bridge of my nose and my cheeks is already better after one treatment!” A.S., Arlington, TX

“I’m so excited I finally found something that is actually helping my ‘Rosacea face’!” D.A., Dallas, TX

Our Ultra VPL unit applies healing flashes of broad spectrum light into the inflamed capillaries. These powerful photons clot the blood in the tiny capillaries, which helps the capillary walls to collapse. Your white blood cells then begin to dissolve these tiny clumps of tissue. The treatment also stimulates all the various layers of your skin to heal, rather than to overact to various triggering stimuli as it has in the past.

We also can get information from you on what things in your life and lifestyle may be triggering these attacks. Contact us for a no-charge consultation to evaluate your particular case so we can make recommendations on how to proceed to make some positive changes!

See our Research Page for articles on the effectiveness of intense pulsed light treatment for Rosacea.

Other blood vessel related treatments addressed by our VPL unit include:
* Melasma
* Hemangioma
* Cherry Angioma
* Port Wine Birthmarks