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If your in Dallas or the Fort Worth are and are in need of quality skin care and Laser Hair Removal, DFW MEDlaser has just what your looking for. Our ULTRA VPL technology, exclusive to the DFW area delivers fast and lasting results that our clients are always satisfied with.

Why do we offer FREE Consultations? We want to make sure you will be totally pleased with what we have to offer. We help you to understand how the procedures and exactly what it is that we do here. We also clearly state why what we do works so well. Of course the proof will be totally evident after your first treatment.

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Dallas area Skin Care goes much further than just choosing the right face lotion or staying out of the sun too much. Let’s face it. With the world we live in, damage to our skin is bound to occur as we age. Age spots, sun damage, scarring, wrinkles and more tend to add up as are best years are put behind us.

At this point skin care becomes an art. We can no longer relay on simple fixes like exfoliating or expensive lotions to patch up all of this damage. DFW MedLaser has the solution. Call or email us for a free skin rejuvenation consultation. No matter where you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex area, are skin care procedure is worth the trip. Give us 5 minutes, and we will show you how to change your Life!

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Fort Worth Area Laser Hair RemovalDallas bikini hair removal

Do you desire younger-looking skin to restore your self confidence? Are you embarrassed by those unsightly spider veins? Are you becoming distracted by subtle signs of aging?

Or have you become acutely aware of signs of sun-damaged skin? Would you like to age more gracefully? Are you self-conscious about conspicuous birthmarks, freckles or other pigmentations? We can take care of you unwanted hair problems, call us to ask how.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“I used to have to shave my underarms every single day, sometimes twice a day.  After having shaved, within a few hours I could see dark stubble already reappearing.  I have only had one treatment so far, and cannot believe the difference I have seen already.  I could not be happier.  I just cannot wait until all my treatments are done and I don’t have to shave anymore!!  I would also like to say that I am a very cautious person and was very nervous about laser treatment.  Stacey made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my questions before performing any services on me.  DFW MedLaser was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  Their new offices are amazing, clean, very professional.  I would recommend Stacey to anyone interested in laser hair removal.  I believe this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

– Nicole Gordon - North Richland Hills, TX

“I have had a series of four photofacials from Stacey Cooper over the past few months.  I am over 60, and really was looking for some anti-aging strategies that were non-invasive.  After the first treatment, I could instantly tell a difference in the texture and blotchiness of my skin.  Just as Stacey said, over time I continued to see improvement in tightness, a slight smoothing of wrinkles, and a plumpness to my skin.  I have also seen numerous age spots fade and disappear, spots that have been there for 10+ years.  I cannot wait to finish my other two treatments and see the improvement.”

– Lynn Boaden - Argyle, TX

“Laser hair removal is the best money I’ve ever spent on personal care!  As a brunette, I went from needing to shave legs & underarms daily to just once or twice a week!  I also struggled my entire life with hideous razor burn which is now a thing of the past.  I’m not embarrassed to wear shorts or tank tops anymore (if she could just blast the cellulite away!).  Stacey not only makes me feel comfortable but is someone I look forward to seeing.  I’ve had treatments at other clinics in the past but get better results and service working with Stacey.  Feel free to have anyone call me for a referral.”

– Lara Lummus Bernhardt - Bedford, TX

“I was really pleased with both my hair removal as well as the lightening of my age spots and freckles.  Stacey was very professional and made me feel completely at ease.  I would definitely recommend Stacey to anyone who wants to feel prettier and younger!”

– Michelle Choate - Coppell, TX

“Who has time to shave, or for that matter, likes to shave?  Not me!  Who likes to show their sexy arms and legs?  Me!  Stacey offers laser services that helped me get rid of that unwanted hair, so now I don’t have to spend much time shaving.  She offers this and more in a clean, comfortable, and pleasant environment.  Thank you Stacey!”

– Sharon G. - Watauga, TX

“As a client of Stacey’s I would like to say that she is totally professional and knowledgeable about the laser and the procedure that she performed on my face. The laser is used to lighten pigmented areas  (and it works). Stacey absolutely makes you feel comfortable about the whole process plus she is very accommodating to my time schedule since I am from out of town. Thank you Stacey.”

– Melissa F. - Shreveport, LA

“I was anxious about laser hair removal and Stacey answered all of my questions and put me at total ease before beginning the treatments. She gave me a prescription numbing cream to apply an hour before each session. Sessions took about an hour and she worked on my underarms, feet, legs and bikini! I have been so happy with the results, especially my legs! I do a “touch-up” spot shave about once a month and never give it another thought! Best time and money I have spent on myself!”

– Lisa Cooper- Coppell, TX

“What a change you made on my face, Stacey!  It gave me so much more confidence!    You are the best and I would not want to go to anyone else! Thanks and see you asap!

– Cindy Ripley - Frisco, TX